Used in Resource Exploration

Our Diesel DC Generators can be found in use in some of the most remote locations on earth, supporting operations in demanding environments. Whether it's providing back up power to field data capturing equipment or remote equipment monitoring and operations, ALTEN DC Generators can provide reliable back up to off-grid battery powered systems.

Used in Telecom Battery Backup

Telecom equipment installers and operators use ALTEN DC Generators for direct backup battery charging using 1/3 less fuel, 1/3 less run time, 1/3 less space, along with 3x longer generator life compared to traditional AC generator systems. Air conditioning requirements are greatly reduced by eliminating AC/DC rectifiers within buildings with a simplified with DC power platform.

Used in Mobile Power Support

While batteries are used to increase our mobility, the benefits they offer can also be limited, even with power from renewable sources like solar and wind. ALTEN DC Generators support mobile battery systems, improving reliability and extending the range of mobile operations. We work with integrators to develop solutions that fit within their unique mobile applications.


Choose a Style That's Right for You

All of our Diesel models are available in a number of enclosure styles, 
including an Open Base Plate, a Portable Open Frame, or an Aluminum Enclosure. 


Three Sizes To Choose From

ALTEN Diesel DC Generators are available in a range of outputs. What size is right for you mainly depends on the size of your battery bank and the load you put on your batteries. Generally speaking, we try to keep to a simple rule of thumb, your generator should be no smaller than 10% of the size of your battery bank.


Battery Bank Amp-hours
10 Hour Rating




Recommended Minimum
Generator Output in Amps



For smaller applications

Available Output:
12 volt / 120 amps / 1.4 kW
24 volt / 45 amps / 1.1 kW

Fuel Consumption:
0.25 Gal/hr
0.95 L/hr
(@ 75% load)

Engine Model
Hatz Diesel 1B20

Engine Output
3.4 kW
4.6 HP


For medium applications

Available Output:
12 volt / 160 amps / 1.9 kW
24 volt / 80 amps / 1.9 kW
48 volt / 50 amps / 2.4 kW

Fuel Consumption:
0.36 Gal/hr
1.36 L/hr
(@ 75% load)

Engine Model
Hatz Diesel 1B30

Engine Output
5.0 kW
6.8 HP


For larger applications

Available Output:
12 volt / 300 amps / 3.6 kW
24 volt / 160 amps / 3.8 kW
48 volt / 100 amps / 4.8 kW

Fuel Consumption:
0.52 Gal/hr
2.00 L/hr
(@ 75% load)

Engine Model
Hatz Diesel 1B40

Engine Output
7.3 kW
9.9 HP