Previously we had been using a large Cummins AC generator and battery charger to charge our 24v battery bank at the intake for our hydro electric plant. Since we installed the D2 diesel DC generator, we are saving approx 30L of fuel per day, and extending the life of the AC generator that previously we were running for long periods with only a small load. We love our new D2, it will pay for itself in no time. Thanks!
— Duncan, Sechelt Creek Generating Station
We needed to address off grid energy shortfalls to keep critical communications flowing through oil and gas repeater sites. We increased our battery storage capacity, solar panel size and installed an ALTEN D1 24v DC generator with the ALTEN-RMS. We are pleased with the performance of our ALTEN DC generator.
— Dennis, TOG Systems
I installed a battery bank with an inverter/charger as a backup power system for my home and home office. I only need to run my ALTEN Battery Charger if the grid power goes out for extended periods and usually for only a few hours at a time to keep the batteries charged. This is a much better system than the AC generators I used before.
— Dave, Westminster Industries