ALTEN P2 Propane DC Generator


ALTEN P2 Propane DC Generator


Any lithium or lead acid, deep cycle or starting batteries can be recharged quickly and safely with and ALTEN Battery-Charging DC Generator. Your batteries' state of charge are constantly monitored by ALTEN's control system, only when batteries discharge below a safe level, the ALTEN P2 generator automatically starts to recharge your batteries, while providing power to DC loads. Due to it's designed intermittent operation, run time is substantially less compared to traditional AC generators or APU's. The ALTEN P2 is designed to run on either propane or natural gas.

Voltage Models: 12 volt or 24 volt

Starting Options: Electric and Auto Start

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Electric & Key Start: $6998

Product Specifications

Support Rating

Charging Voltage 12v Model: 14.5
24v Model: 28.5
Maximum Output 12v Model: 120 Amps
24v Model: 45 Amps
Short Circuit Protection Automatic Cut Out
Battery Bank Size 12v Model: 1200 AH or less
24v Model: 450 AH or less
Engine 205CC Air Cooled 4 cycle
Starting 12v Electric Start & Pull Start
Max Engine Power 4.7Kw/6.5Hp @ 3600rpm
Fuel Type Propane / Natural Gas
Fuel Connection 10ft x 3/8" high pressure flexible hose
Fuel Consumption 2 pounds/hour @ full load
Oil Capacity 0.6 liters / 1 quart
Housing Weather proof aluminum enclosure with powder coated finish
Additional Features Included:
300 cfm electric cooling fans
80W Block Heater & Thermostat
Vibration Isolation
Noise Levels 68dBa @ 7M
Emissions EPA & CARB Compliant
Length 20 in. (559 mm)
Width 20 in. (559 mm)
Height 20 in. (559 mm)
Weight 83 lb. (38 kg)
Warranty ALTEN 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Supports battery system capacities of up to:

Based on battery manufacturer's 10-hour rating.