ALTEN D2 Diesel DC Generator


ALTEN D2 Diesel DC Generator


Our line of diesel battery-charging DC generators increase DC power system reliability wherever battery systems are used - on land or at sea. Powered by an efficient and dependable Hatz air-cooled diesel engine, our diesel DC generators can be configured for almost any application.

Voltage Models: 12 volt, 24 volt or 48 volt

Starting Options: Pull Start, Key Start or Auto Start (w/ RS-232)

Housing Options: Base Plate, Open Frame or Aluminum Enclosure

Service Interval: Standard or Extended

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Product Specifications

Support Rating

Charging Voltage 12v Model: 14.0 / 14.8 (selectable)
24v Model: 28.0 / 28.8 (selectable)
48v Model: 56.0
Maximum Output 12v Model: 180 Amps
24v Model: 80 Amps
48v Model: 50 Amps
Voltage Cut Out 12v Model: 18.0
24v Model: 36.0
48v Model: 72.0
Engine Hatz Diesel, 4 stroke, air-cooled
Max Engine Power 5.0 kW / 6.8 HP
Fuel Type ULS Diesel
Approved Fuels DF-1/DF-2, Jet A1, JP1, JP5, JP8
Fuel Consumption
@ 3600 RPM
100% load: 0.48 Gal/hr / 1.82 L/hr
75% load: 0.36 Gal/hr / 1.36 L/hr
50% load: 0.24 Gal/hr / 0.90 L/hr
Oil Capacity Standard: 1.1 L / 1.16 QT
Extended: 3.1 L / 3.28 QT
Approved Oil Types All premium quality motor oil brands.
ACEA-B2/E2 or higher, API-CD/CE/CF/CF-4/CG-4 or higher
Service Interval Standard: 250 hrs
Extended: 500 hrs
Elevation 1% loss of engine power per 1000 ft / 300 m
(above 1000 ft)
Noise Levels 74dBa @ 7M

Supports battery system capacities of up to:

Based on battery manufacturer's 10-hour rating.